Top Notch Tanning
At Top Notch we've had an "in-house" tannery since 1994.

Our tanning facility is in coordination
with our CFIA disinfection procedures and should only enhances
TOP NOTCH tanning methods and turn around time.

Just as a good foundation is required in building a quality home;
good tanning is the foundation of quality taxidermy.
Since we have been tanning for 30+ years our quality is time proven.
Our methods are the same as the large tanneries, just on a smaller,
more quality controlled scale.
Consequently, our work schedule is never dependent on "the tannery"

One other positive with the "in house" tannery is your items stays solely at our studio.
Therefore, less chance of item being lost with shipping and/or
switched amongst large tanning stock.

For tanning prices &
details please contact us.