Top Notch Taxidermy Studio
Showroom and Office
As you can see our world class
showroom tastefully displays all facets
of the art of taxidermy. Few studios can
match our creativity and quality.

Theme wall displays wildlife from
around the world. Mountain, forest,
prairie,sky and water themes flow
around our showroom.

From world class big game to awesome
birds of prey, there're  approximately
125 displays for your viewing pleasure.
As noted on the homepage, we currently just completed
             a huge renovation upgrade  to our studio
Changes to look for......
- double the size of old showroom display area
- new north door entrance for customer service
- additional parking on the north side of building
- deliveries of larger species to south alley location
- upper level entertainment centre
- triple the size tanning warehouse
We thank-you all for patience during this time
of upgrades at Top Notch.
Feel free to stop by during regular hours for a visit.
Our staff below would love to serve you.
Top Notch Staff- (left to right)
Levi, Brant, Jake, Karen, Les, Tanya, Kevin, Kelly