Top Notch Taxidermy Studio is...
CFIA Canadian Food Inspection Agency Approved

 -   Top Notch Taxidermy Studio has been CFIA certified for disinfection since 1995 &
SRM licensed to process OTM Bovine Skulls. This is still in effect.

- Effective January 2013, the CFIA laws on  importation of integumentary tissue  into Canada were    
changed with upgrades to be completed for the new conditions to handle importation.
e.g. importing from other countries (mainly for African and Asian countries, USA exempt)

Top Notch Taxidermy Studio is pleased to
announce effective October 2013
has followed the new guidelines and is a
\with the new Canadian regulations
What does this new importation law mean exactly ?  

- imports of hunting trophies and integumentary tissues from countries other than the USA, effective 2013, must
now be visually inspected by the CFIA at the port-of-landing. This includes fully taxidermied articles.

- A copy of the CFIA premise approval certificate must be provided by the importer to the CFIA at the time of  
importation. Meaning, all goods will need to have someone, such as ourselves, that is licensed to handle picking
up all trophies. If no premise has been pre-approved for the shipment, the items will be retained for a maximum of
30 days awaiting premises approval. If no premises approval has been obtained in 30 days, the items will be
ordered removed from Canada.

- unless you hold a premises certificate for this new regulation you will no longer be able to
import your own trophies or anyone elses's.

- once pre-approved location has been accepted at port of landing; CFIA will inspect shipment - and add a CFIA
seal to the shipment if accepted into Canada. The pre-approved certified location will then need to pick up the
shipment and transport using all licensed requirements for disinfection procedure.

What is the new regulations on method to use when shipping?

- all imported items must be shipped in a completely sealed container; leak proof
hard plastic or metal is preferred; wood is being accepted but
has to be completely sealed solid wood crate meaning not slats of wood with openings with plastic.

- All items must be completely wrapped in 6 mil plastic and
placed inside the container.

- locked containers are encouraged

- All pertinent licensing from the out of country must be presented

- Regardless of the species of animal or type of material imported, any item that is found to be contaminated with
blood, soil, vegetable material, straw, hay or manure will not be allowed into Canada unless directed to a
pre-approved premise for disinfection

What is Top Notch's policy  in handling imported items for disinfection for others?

It was our vision to become "certified for disinfection" in order for all hunters to have a positive ending to their hunting adventures.

It is our policy to encourage offering us a "heads up" meaning, giving as much notice as possible on shipments arriving to a port of landing.
Our preference of port of landing  would be at Calgary International Airport.

All license documentation should be sent via email to us as soon as possible after your hunt, so we can be prepared

Please note a customs  broker will still be needed as this is a different procedure
If interested we have a customs broker that we work with and
can arrange all paper work to be handled for you -  no hassles for you.
Cost for this service and cost for CFIA portion will be quoted on request.
SRM Licensed to treat specified risk material