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Book your safari through Top Notch Taxidermy Studio!

Since hunting in Africa I've had tremendous amount of interest from outdoorsmen
to lean more about hunting in Africa.

If you're like myself you've had dreams or thoughts about going on a "African Safari" but just don't have  
 the time or knowledge to finalize all the details. Common misconceptions about Africa being
"dangerous"  or a "huge hastle."  Topics like dealing with customs details or regulations on carrying of a
firearm to name a few leave most hunters thinking its not worth the effort or risk for a jouney of this

I would like to assure you an experience with our chosen outfitters would be nothing but a positive       
experience. I can honestly say through my eyes- " It is an Ultimate and Unique Lifetime Vacation."

I would be willing to offer a information night (pre-arranged) to offer a slideshow of my experience; the  
hunting area/camp; species available; costs of  travel and details; pricing (ex. vaccinations, flights,
disinfections, inspection, shipping and customs details, taxidermy etc. )

We offer bookings through a couple of fantastic outfitting locations in Namibia that I personally would

If you would like more information about hunting in Africa please feel free to contact me anytime.
Kevin Wiebe